A lot of love and a little bit of rain.
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Sunday, July 15, 2012
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         When she answered the phone that morning I was expecting to hear a tear filled "hello", as I could see the black cloud stretching for miles along the shoreline where she was to wed the love of her life in an intimate beachfront wedding in a few short hours. Surprised by her calmness and no mention of the weather I told her I would meet her at the hotel in 15 minutes. We had not moved more than a mile when the rain started pouring down and anxiety began to well up in me, because I knew she was going to be devastaded. I got up to the room where she had already layed out her things and began getting ready for the most important day of her life as though the rain was not even there. She kept calm and collected the whole day even when the rain did show up.

Alex you are so graceful and the way you approach everything is so inspiring.  There was no amount of rain that was going to keep you from enjoying every minute of your wedding day.  Thank you for letting me document the love you and Daniel share with all the people you both love so much.  You are stunning.



  This dress could not have fit you more perfectly.


Daniel and Alex opted for a first look, which I absolutely love. It's that 30 minutes before the ceremony where they could see each other for the first time with no interruption.  It is so personal, and so real. It is probably my favorite part of the whole day, and this one was no exception.  The love these two share for each other is overwhelming.  They brought me to tears. 


After a quick first look we headed over the the beach house where the wedding took place.  I love Alex's taste and attention to detail in her vintage nautical decor.



After a quick ceremony.  The bride and groom headed down the beach for some photos and were greeted with a spectacular surprise.  After a day that looked to be like nothing but thunderstorms, Alex was given the sunset photos she had dreamed of having.





I hope this was what you were hoping for Alex.  You got one beautiful sunset. 


After the first dance we headed into the tent for a toast and Alex and Daniel's almost rainless wedding got a little more exciting.  And as expected they didn't let it ruin anything and decided to dance in the rain.


They managed to to sneak away for a few minutes before it was time for cake..


It was such an amazing day, rain and all.  

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Phyllis Chernault - I am Daniel's grandma Phyllis. I was taken ill shortly before the wedding and could not attend. I was so sad to miss this wonderful day in my grandson's life. Your pictures are lovely and bring me closer to that special event. Thank you!
Brianna Downey - Love these photos, they turned out so well. You guys looked great and so happy. Congrats!!!