Timily: A love story
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Monday, November 05, 2012
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Act 1, scene 1

When they met several years ago at Rollins, Emily a theatre major and Tim a history major only had friends in common. They were intoduced through Emily's roomate, and although there was an attraction there, the timing was just not right.  Work took Emily to Dallas, TX and It wasn't until a few years later that Tim realized what had been been missing from his life. Urged by his friends, he sent Emily a valentines card askng her out.  Obviously distance did not keep them apart because Emily returned to Orlando to pursue a relationship with the man that would turn out to be the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. 



Act 2, scene 1

Every moment of her day was planned out in spreadsheets. Every minute accounted for, and written out in detail, down to making sure her girls were well hydrated and fed. She thought of everything, and her day flowed seemlessly.  Even in a moment of panic (for the bridesmaids) when she was handed her bouquet that was not the original, she never hesitated and insited the show must go on.  And on cue she walked down the stairs to meet her groom for their first look. 






That wasn't the only first look for Emily that day.  When her uncle saw her for the first time, the tears flowed as everyone in the room just watched. 


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